Rainy Day Blues Society



The Word on Blues in the Schools

“Students were first interested, then excited, then entranced…Administrators were so positively impressed with this presentation that they want to schedule another next year for a much larger group of students.”

— Anna M. Alden, Special Education Teacher, Agnes Stewart Middle School


“I am grateful that this wonderful musical and historical experience is available to students, free of charge, It is a great asset that I hope continues in the future.”

— Martha Ann Moultry, Principal, Fox Hollow French Elementary

“It is truly a great service you are providing the music students of our area. As a music teacher for the past 32 years, I feel compelled to say thank you for providing this opportunity.”

— Thomas Grimsley, Cascade Middle School

“When I saw our youth tapping their hands and feet and subtly swaying at their desks, I knew they were ‘into it.’ Our musical guests engaged the youth in an interactive dialog that educated them about the music, specific instruments, and encouraged them to try it out for themselves. I would recommend Blues in the Schools to anyone who is looking for a new, fun way to engage youth in a learning experience and specifically one that educates them about the roots history of the blues and the American music experience.”

— Marc Swindling, Lane County Detention Manager

“We enjoyed a fantastic experience with Blues in the Schools. All of the artists were so engaging and professional. Their personal stories really touched the students and seemed to inspire them. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do to inspire our students to love and cherish the blues!”

— Debi Newberry, Edgewood Community Elementary

“I am so impressed with the Blues in the Schools program, I plan to schedule the same sort of visit for our secondary school students. Thank you again for a memorable experience for our school children and the sharing of the value of music as a part of our lives.”

— Ron Osibov, K-12 Principal, Crow-Applegate-Lorane School District