Rainy Day Blues Society


Join the Community

Members of the Rainy Day Blues Society help support our programs and they receive a number of benefits.

Member Benefits

  • Membership card
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Raffles, giveaways and discounts for music, CD and event ticketa with Rainy Day Blues Society affiliated venues and shows
  • Annual nomination & voting rights for Board of Directors (exception applies to some business memberships - see below)
  • Nomination and voting privileges in annual Rooster Awards  (exception applies to some business memberships - see below)
  • Musician participation in the annual Rooster Awards
  • Musician participation in the annual Rainy Day Blues Challenge - Road to Memphis - chance to compete in Memphis TN
  • An opportunity to showcase your band at a Rainy Day Blues Live! event

Business Member Benefits

  • All benefits listed above
  • 5 memberships consisting of 4 non-voting members and 1 membership with voting rights
  • Your business listed on the rainydayblues.org website

Types of Memberships and Annual Dues

Individual $20 Memberships expire on December 31st of the year for which the Membership dues were paid.  You can join as a New Member anytime during a year.  New Annual Memberships submitted between November 1 and December 31 become effective on January 1 of the next year.
Business $100

PAY DUES ONLINE (via PayPal or Credit Card):

Or... MAIL Membership DUES - Checks Only - Please DO NOT MAIL CASH

Please make checks payable to:  Rainy Day Blues Society

Mail checks to: Rainy Day Blues Society, PO Box 10103, Eugene, OR 97440

Membership Renewal and Expiration

Memberships expire on December 31 every year, regardless of when you paid your membership.  Each November, new/renewal memberships are accepted for the following year in order to allow members the opportunity to be included in the annual Board of Directors nominations and election, usually held in January each year.