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Music education is back, thanks to Blues in the Schools! The Blues in the Schools program gives kids, elementary through high school, an exciting, educational, and interactive glimpse of the world of blues music, teaching its importance not only in history, but in basic music appreciation. Last year, we provided FREE programs to almost 5,000 local kids! Watch some highlights from our program here.
We offer several program formats to best fit your school’s schedule and your student mix:

Length: 50-90 minutes Format: A band of musicians and narrator will take kids on a musical journey through the blues. Includes history, songwriting, rhythm training, and lots of music. Space Requirement: Auditorium or classroom Each Student Gets: Blues comic book, free blues music downloads

Length: 2-3 hours Format: Up to six teams of musicians visit different classrooms simultaneously and teach about a different aspect of the blues. After 20 minutes, they all rotate until all classes have experienced each workshop, which can include Singing the Blues, Songwriting, Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Musical Expression, Harmonica, Boogie Woogie Dancing, Singing the Blues, and Rhythm. Concludes with a mini concert for everyone. Space Requirement: Classrooms and an auditorium or outdoor area. Each Student Gets: Blues comic book, free blues music downloads, and a harmonica with the harmonica workshop

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on our sponsors & volunteers to help us provide kids with educational materials & fun events.
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For more information or to schedule a program at your school, contact us.

E-MAIL: info@rainydayblues.org

Mail: Rainy Day Blues Society, PO Box 10103, Eugene, OR 97440