Rainy Day Blues Society


Submit Candidate Nominations for Board of Directors - 2018

MEMBERS ONLY -  If you would like to serve on the Rainy Day Blues Society's Board of Directors, please submit your candidate nomination by February 28, 2018. If a candidate for the Board of Directors would also like to serve as an Officer, please include that information with your candidate nomination.  ONLY MEMBERS CAN nominate candidates, be candidates and vote for candidates.

Here is a link to a document with information for submitting candidate nominations.  Candidates


Well, we did not receive enough nominations from members of the Rainy Day Blues Society to hold a vote on the 2017 Rooster Awards.  So, we will regroup for 2018 and will appeal to the people who attend the local area blues jams to gather nominations.  When the Board of Directors have a enough nominations then the Board will vote on the winners.