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Winners Heading to Memphis!

Wish Them Luck!   Break a Leg!   Knock 'Em Dead!

Cherry & The Lowboys Jerry Zybach & John Bryson
Cherry & The Lowboys Jerry Zybach & John Bryson

Cherry & The Lowboys (band) and Jerry Zybach & John Bryson (duo) earned the right to represent Lane County and surrounding areas at the next International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis Tennessee.

The 2018 International Blues Challenge will be held from January 16th to January 20th, 2018. The International Showcase will open the event on January 16th with competition rounds on January 17-19 in venues located along historic Beale Street. 

In addition, the Rainy Day Blues Society's winners are performing in the Pacific Northwest Showcase on January 17, 2018.  The Pacific Northwest Showcase is one of the highlight showcase held during the International Blues Challenge.

The IBC in Memphis is the biggest gathering of blues acts in the world every year!  Acts from around the world go to Memphis to compete to see who will win the IBC. The IBC is like the Voice or American Idol of the Blues World.  Careers are launched.  Acts are picked up to go on tour.  Acts are signed to record deals.  And some acts, win and then go home to their local areas and are among the best acts getting the best shows.  This is truly an opportunity to make dreams come true.


Well, we did not receive enough nominations from members of the Rainy Day Blues Society to hold a vote on the 2017 Rooster Awards.  So, we will regroup for 2018 and will appeal to the people who attend the local area blues jams to gather nominations.  When the Board of Directors have a enough nominations then the Board will vote on the winners. 

Last Year's 2016 Rainy Day Blues Challenge Winners


  Band Winner -  The Hank Shreve Band

Hank Shreve Band
  Solo/Duo Winner -  NattyBone

The International Blues Challenge (IBC) takes place in the Historic Beale Street Entertainment District in Memphis TN.

International Blues Challenge | The Blues Foundation | blues.org